How have Weddings Changed in Recent Years


The number of traditions that have been passed down for decades or even centuries is one of the most distinctive features of weddings. One of many couples' favourite features of the celebration is the tradition. However, recent years have urged abandoning tradition and customising the day to you as a couple. As a result, the bride and groom are free to truly express their preferences and personalities without feeling constrained by social norms. Whether you decide to stick to time-honoured traditions or prefer to personalise the entire wedding, it is still helpful to understand how some couples still carry out certain customs today. To gain a better idea, look at the following.


No meeting until the ceremony


Previously, it was considered to be unlucky to see your future husband before the wedding. But now people usually plan their whole wedding together, even the before wedding ceremonies are done together where both the families are involved. You can also plan your ceremonies with your partner and choose a Banquet Hall at GT Karnal Road.

Couples Inviting Fewer Guests


People used to invite guests a lot more than they invite now. It used to be large parties with people you don’t even have met for years, people nowadays are keeping their guest list short. This had a major effect after covid as people are now more comfortable with small gatherings. But no matter how small or big your guest list is, you can always plan your big day at Banquet Halls in Delhi,


More personalization


Personalization is becoming more important each wedding season. People try to personalize their weddings for guests with the sweet gesture of giving out personalized gifts, welcome baskets, goodies, etc. This is bringing the loved ones even closer.


Wedding cake

Previously there was no ritual of having a wedding cake, but now the couple tends to cut the cake and serve them as a dessert to the guests.


Elevated Photography


Coupled now have a proper cinematic pre-wedding shoot before their wedding that they play before the ceremony. They even now choose a proper destination for their pre-wedding that looks no less than a fairytale. Couples even arrange a photo booth along with props for the guests so that they can not only click good pictures but also have a memorable experience that they can remember for ages.


Social Media Is the New Album

People nowadays share the wedding date even before sending the invitation cards. They share each and every moment of the ceremonies. The couples are even coming up with creative hashtags that their guests can post while sharing wedding pictures, This trend has come from Bollywood couples. 


For visitors who couldn't attend in person, couples are also making Snapchat filters and even live-streaming their wedding.


Utilising Facebook and Instagram to identify wedding vendors is another way social media has influenced modern weddings. Couples now have the chance to hear personally from other couples about the appearance of a venue or the calibre of a videographer or photographer's work. Utilising social media is a fantastic method to read evaluations of vendors and get a straight scoop from actual couples who have worked with them. 


New Trends, New Vows


Writing custom vows is becoming more and more popular. The day when brides pledged to respect, love, and obey their husbands is long past. A modern bride will undoubtedly hear crickets at the altar and among the guests if she makes a commitment to obey someone. It is fairly common for brides to include sentimental remarks that are important to both the bride and the groom as part of their vows. This is their pledge to one another, as opposed to the more conventional vows, as expressed in these words.


Colour Coordination

Couples not only wear colour coordinated clothes but even the guests wear the same colour during the ceremonies. Like yellow on the Haldi ceremony, green on the Mehandi ceremony, etc. 
Not only this, even bridesmaids enjoy the themed bachelorette party before the wedding.

Colour coordination also plays an important role in pre-wedding where the couple wear the same colour to make the pre-wedding more aesthetic. We understand that new trends are always going to be there but one thing that remains the same for the couple is to have a good wedding venue. You can book Yadu Greens By Five Spics as they always take the best care of the wedding while you keep an eye on the new trends.



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