How Banquets Are Incorp9,,orating Wellness And Hygiene Into Their Events?

With the growing awareness about the importance of health, wellness, and hygiene especially after the pandemic, more wedding venues have started to consider incorporating sanitation and self-care elements within their premises. The stress and burnout that emerges due to the hectic arrangements of the event can easily be dealt with by utilizing the wellness services being provided by the banquet halls. The venues are much more cleaner and hygienic than before.


Several banquet halls in Delhi have started to provide health and wellness services during the event enabling the attendees to relax and chill amidst the taxing environment. Along with providing a safer and cleaner environment, there’s increased consideration of providing healthier food options and a calmer environment inside the venue.


The elements of health and hygiene being incorporated into the wedding venues

More Importance to Sanitation

After the pandemic, increased importance is being given to water sanitation. Banquets ensure the supply of clean and certified packaged drinking water. To avoid any contamination, the water dispensers are thoroughly cleaned after every use. There have been proper sewage disposal systems inside and outside the venues to avoid the emergence of any water-borne insects that can cause serious diseases to the people present there. 


Giving Healthier Food Options on the Menu

Being more considerate when it comes to the health of the guests, banquets are customizing their menus to provide healthier food options for their guests. Healthy snacks like Makhanas and dry fruits are a constant in weddings nowadays. Deep-fried snacks are being replaced by air-fried or baked snacks. A Luxury Banquet in Delhi might even collaborate with nutritionists to integrate mindful menus including dishes high in nutrients and low in fats and carbs. More plant-based and superfood options are seen at wedding venues these days.


A Calmer and Softer Environment

By providing facilities like comfortable seating arrangements, softer and light music, aesthetic ambiance, and softer lighting options, these wedding venues are taking a step further in creating a mindful environment for the guests. Such an environment leaves a serene effect on the attendees which helps in relaxing the mind and having a peaceful experience throughout the wedding event.


Spa Services

The banquet hall at GT Karnal Road even offers a spa service facility to its guests. The guests can avail of these services to unwind before and after the event. It is a step forward taken by the wedding banquet halls in providing the guests with not just health and wellness options inside the venues but also a luxurious feeling while attending the event.


Meditation and Yoga Spaces

A lot of banquets even have dedicated meditation and yoga spaces for their guests inside the venue. These spaces are created especially considering the mental health aspects since it has become a critical topic these days. There are times when people seek meditation and yoga to deal with anxiety and stress and to allow the guests to find themselves in the best of their health, banquets are incorporating more and more such facilities within their premises.


Using Natural Elements

Using more natural elements inside the venue also helps in increasing the positivity and enhancing the ambiance of the venue. Integrating greenery as decor elements inside and outside the venue creates freshness and a soothing environment for your guests.


Using Sustainable Practices

Wedding venues are using sustainable options to conduct events like using eco-friendly decor and cutlery during weddings instead of plastics. As people are becoming more aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint, even the best wedding venue in Delhi are continuously incorporating healthier ways to host a successful wedding. Nature’s wellness is equally significant and if there are venues that are taking a step forward to heal nature, it automatically leaves a positive impact on humans as well leading to a healthier environment.


Cleansing of the washrooms after every single use

Goof hygiene leads to a healthy life and avoids any unhealthy circumstances taking place. Banquets ensure that the washrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every single use to avoid any spread of infections or diseases. Since a wedding is an event that involves a large number of guests, maintaining hygiene becomes a priority.


Instant cleaning of any spilled food or drinks

Not just the washrooms, maintaining a clean environment is necessary throughout the venue and banquets are taking an extra step towards the same by appointing dedicated staff that cleans any spilled food or beverages right after to maintain the hygiene of the place and also make the guests feel at ease by demonstrating them of a completely clean and healthier environment.


Proper ventilation services

Ventilation is equally important to provide a healthy and secure environment to the guests. If there is a case of lack of proper ventilation, it might lead to discomfort in breathing for some guests. To make sure that the environment feels as free and comfortable to breathe as it can, venues are modifying their structure and installing better ventilation facilities within the venue like nowadays there are big windows that can be found inside the venues for the same.


Why incorporate wellness and hygiene elements inside the wedding venue?

Out of the many reasons that contribute to the significance of such elements inside the wedding halls like Yadu Greens by Five Spice, there are a few that op the list.

  • Helps the guests to rejuvenate and take a break from their daily busy lives.
  • Gives them an opportunity to relax and divert their minds toward wellness and health.
  • Gives a whole new and special experience to the guests while attending the wedding.
  • The wedding will be unique and rememberable for all.
  • Your guests will experience a wedding that's not just healthy but refreshing in its way.
  • The importance of work-life balance along with a healthy lifestyle is promoted even though weddings are all about extravagant food.


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